Videofied Security and Alarm Systems stops theft, intrusions and copper theft by immediately alerting the professional monitoring system 24×7 every time something happens at your property.

Monitoring staff automatically get sent a video of the incident. That video confirms and proves the intrusion with the video of the incident. Police are dispatched to a crime-in-progress.

Videofied delivers video of the actual apprehensions, not reruns on a DVR of yesterday’s crime. The Videofied security system can be set up as an Outdoor wireless video security system to provide security to rooftop air conditioners, substations, construction sites, AND cell towers. The Security System can alse be set up to monitor indoor locations like construction offices or storage facilities.

What’s best is that the monitoring station KNOWS that there is an intrusion; you can totally eliminate false alarms and the fines and costs of those false alarms!

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