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HDTV/megapixel technology enables network cameras to provide higher resolution of video images than analog CCTV, i.e. the ability to see more details or have a wider coverage – a key consideration in video surveillance applications. With an HDTV or megapixel network camera, the resolution is at least three times better than an analog CCTV camera.

In most cases, the aim is to obtain a general overview of a scene. In a shopping mall, for instance, your primary goal of a camera installation may be to watch for the presence of people and view their movements—not the identification of individuals. Or you may want to see whether a parking lot is full or has empty spaces, rather than identify individual cars or read license plates. For overview applications, sufficient resolution and coverage of a scene may be achieved with a single HDTV/megapixel network camera or a number of non-megapixel network cameras.

Based on your individual or industry need we are able to design and implement the best solution for you.

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